Friday, January 27, 2017



Lichen sclerosis (LS) (common with thyroid conditions)

Dry sinus, bleeding nose, dry mouth

Aching hands and leg muscles

Diet that helps to control symptoms .. not completely but quite remarkable.
Low salycilate and amine
No Dairy
No grains/gluten

Food I eat with little or no problems
Activated buckwheat
sunflower/canola oil
decaf black coffee
brussel sprouts
green/red cabbage
green beans
white fresh fish

This is an update as much for my own records as anyone else who is interested in helminthic therapy.

I have not reinnoculated since 2011. There were some benefits regarding diet and some reduction in other symptoms but not complete remission or diet expansion.

I am starting again with NA as I now have a better understanding of what diet works for me and what I have problems with.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

International worm stories

3 weeks before leaving Australia I began getting severe chest pains. Various heart related tests revealed nothing abnormal. I had been to a few events and ate things I Would consider off limits. Then ... After four days in Dehli eating spicy foods .. The chest pains became extremely intense and debilitating . . . Now in Assisi with access to a kitchen where I can cook my own food means that I can more easily control the pain. A gelato brought on intense and debilitating shoulder pain. After some research it seems that this pain is part of an auto immune disease called fibromyalgia. After discussion with Garin ... It seems that the worms, and in particular the latest inoculation could be stirring up a disease I didn't know I had! Digestive system is behaving better and now this pain has filled the hole . . It appears manageable with diet, although the stiffness and aching shoulders is still hanging around... This upon reflection is how it has been for some time.

Hopefully there will be wormy benefits to follow.

Friday, August 26, 2011

Another wormy update

I had my second innoculation with hookworm in June hoping to improve my symptoms further so I can broaden my diet.  I haven't got much to report except for an increase in stomach and bowel symptoms.  I have had diarreah for the past 2 weeks so have reduced my dietary exploration.  My 3 month period is up in early September so I am hoping to see some changes then.

I am off to Italy (7 weeks) via Dehli for 4 days coming up next week ... It will be a challenging time until I reach the kitchen in Italy .. (why would someone with a hypersensitive stomach go via Dehli?). 

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Moving in .. 9 days boxes still packed.

All this fruit has brought back a very unpleasant symptom .. hypersensitive teeth.  The last couple of weeks I have noticed this .. dietary changes required.  I hadn't had this on a restricted diet.  Read today that it can be a symptoms of GERD .. reflux disease so called which can be exaserbated by acid fruits, tea and coffee and spices .. so going to drop the pineapple, strawberries etc for a while to see if this improves things.  Maybe it was the PPIs I was taking that got rid of this symptom, and not the worms? 

The new cohort - must be nearly unpacked.  Feeling a bit off .. today .. hormones or worms .. or both.  Have started taking iron tablets every few days to bolster the system in preparation for when the hookworms take hold and start sucking blood.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

New recruits

Since the last time I wrote, I have been trying a food combining diet which has been just fantastic for dyspepsia .. profoundly amazing difference!!  I can now eat a wide range of fruits with no problem, spices, wheat and other processed foods not so good.  My body is telling me it wants raw food .. and lots of it!  Just need to eat it at the right times.  .. I seem to have become a vegetarian .. no animal proteins at this stage.

Today I also gain some new recruits from wormtherapy .. decided to go with 20 more hookworm to see if this improved the tolerance to more exotic foods, the rosacea and dermatitis.  Even with 20 worms and a modified diet I am feeling pretty damn good .. so it is with some trepidation I embark upon the new journey.  In they go!  Itching to get started.

Friday, April 22, 2011


I forgot to mention I saw a friend recently who I hadn't seen for quite some time .. pre worms actually .. and she looked at me and said ... you are well. .. She was curious to find out about my progress as she had only known about me talking about getting hookworms to treat food intolerance symptoms etc. and now she could see the proof ..

7 months on

I haven't written for quite some time .. regret this as I am finding it difficult to remember what is progress and what is regression!  I am struggling with dyspepsi still/again .. not the nausea so much but the discomfort after eating.  I am using enzymes, taking probiotics and still I am suffering!  Definitely a link between hormones and dyspepsia for me .. things get worse second half of cycle.  Just seems more pronounced this last month. 

Things aren't sitting well in the gut.  Not sure what to do about it... although I don't seem to cope very well with anything that is processed.  I have days where I feel good and can eat a range of foods and very importantly feel very good after eating .. these seem to be quite rare now. 

Not sure if I need more worms or another solution to augment my cohort ..

Rosacea - I have had flushing and blushing with tingling more this month as well.  Lumps and bumps are there but controlled by Azclear .. I think .. you never know what works and what doesn't as the condition flares inconsistently!.. so inconvenient.

I would like to try 10 more worms...