Tuesday, September 13, 2011

International worm stories

3 weeks before leaving Australia I began getting severe chest pains. Various heart related tests revealed nothing abnormal. I had been to a few events and ate things I Would consider off limits. Then ... After four days in Dehli eating spicy foods .. The chest pains became extremely intense and debilitating . . . Now in Assisi with access to a kitchen where I can cook my own food means that I can more easily control the pain. A gelato brought on intense and debilitating shoulder pain. After some research it seems that this pain is part of an auto immune disease called fibromyalgia. After discussion with Garin ... It seems that the worms, and in particular the latest inoculation could be stirring up a disease I didn't know I had! Digestive system is behaving better and now this pain has filled the hole . . It appears manageable with diet, although the stiffness and aching shoulders is still hanging around... This upon reflection is how it has been for some time.

Hopefully there will be wormy benefits to follow.

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