Friday, April 22, 2011

7 months on

I haven't written for quite some time .. regret this as I am finding it difficult to remember what is progress and what is regression!  I am struggling with dyspepsi still/again .. not the nausea so much but the discomfort after eating.  I am using enzymes, taking probiotics and still I am suffering!  Definitely a link between hormones and dyspepsia for me .. things get worse second half of cycle.  Just seems more pronounced this last month. 

Things aren't sitting well in the gut.  Not sure what to do about it... although I don't seem to cope very well with anything that is processed.  I have days where I feel good and can eat a range of foods and very importantly feel very good after eating .. these seem to be quite rare now. 

Not sure if I need more worms or another solution to augment my cohort ..

Rosacea - I have had flushing and blushing with tingling more this month as well.  Lumps and bumps are there but controlled by Azclear .. I think .. you never know what works and what doesn't as the condition flares inconsistently!.. so inconvenient.

I would like to try 10 more worms...

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