Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Moving in .. 9 days boxes still packed.

All this fruit has brought back a very unpleasant symptom .. hypersensitive teeth.  The last couple of weeks I have noticed this .. dietary changes required.  I hadn't had this on a restricted diet.  Read today that it can be a symptoms of GERD .. reflux disease so called which can be exaserbated by acid fruits, tea and coffee and spices .. so going to drop the pineapple, strawberries etc for a while to see if this improves things.  Maybe it was the PPIs I was taking that got rid of this symptom, and not the worms? 

The new cohort - must be nearly unpacked.  Feeling a bit off .. today .. hormones or worms .. or both.  Have started taking iron tablets every few days to bolster the system in preparation for when the hookworms take hold and start sucking blood.

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  1. Lynne thanks for the update.

    I was thinking that things must be generally pretty good at the moment and you are getting on with life (otherwise you would be posting a lot more).

    How did the second bunch of worms go. Any reaction (fatigue?) like last time?

    BTW I also find food combination diet is fantastic for dyspepsia. There is still things I need to do however... Keep bread eating under control late in the day. The best thing I think that helps is gym. Aerobic exercise really stimulates digestion.