Monday, September 27, 2010

Holidaying with worms.

It has been 4 days since my innoculation with hookworm.  The itching skin at site of innoculation and the redness has all but gone.  I am anxious that I am not having side effects, or obvious signs of infection that might indicate that I am a "responder" to this therapy.  I guess with only 20 worms on board it may not be as obvious as others who opt to start with a larger dose. 

On day two while waiting at the airport my feet suddenly started to cramp up with pain.  They have continued to be stiff and bit sore .. another symptom of lupus .. arthritis in the feet .. for one who loves walking this is so not fair!  I am hoping that the hookworm are creating an environment for this increased autoimmune activity .. until my immune system starts to fight them instead of me!  Is this a sign? .. from the inner team?

I am continuing with my very restricted diet (for 5 years now) and hoping for the best.  I haven't had to take a tablet for GERD today .. but this might just be the way I manage it.  Somedays I take 20mg of pariet, others 40mg, and some days none .. this may just be one of those days .. I shall wait and see.

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