Tuesday, September 21, 2010

So near and yet so far!

The parcel arrived yesterday and as I didn't hear the door .. it was taken away and a parcel pickup note left.  I rushed to the post office and was told the parcel was now in the depot at a nearby town and could be picked up tomorrow  .. from the local post office fortunately. 

Meanwhile ... I am on a course of antibiotics ... not a good way to start the therapy, although WormTherapy tells me that the hookworm tolerates antibiotics well.  I was going to wait until finishing the course, as suggested, however it is cutting it a bit fine in the 10 day window in the life of a test tube larvae. .. given the 10 days began last week.  I will start them tomorrow. .. there will be a two day crossover.

I am using cortisone cream on my face to settle down the lupus rash, 40mg of pariet a day for stomach (dyspepsia in my case is a symptom of lupus).  100 micrograms of thyroxin for Hashimoto's, Elimination diet for other symptoms.  Yoga to get the internal muscles moving to improve symptoms. 

Thursday is the day!  I am very curious, and hopeful.

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