Thursday, September 16, 2010

I am waiting for my 20 worms to arrive.

It has been a couple of years since I heard about hookworm for the treatment immune system dysfunction, and since then I have been researching. Finally I have taken the plunge after getting a formal diagnosis of lupus.

I have suffered from food intolerance for many years and follow the Royal Prince Alfred Hospital elimination diet with further modifications.  Being salicylate, amine, preservative, colour and flavour intolerant and highly sensitive to any deviation I am hopeful that hookworm therapy will be a positive step.  I cannot tolerate gluten, grains, processed grains/seeds.  Rice is the only exception.  Symptoms of fatigue, IBS, depression, mouth ulcers and worsening of lupus rash, dyspepsia and other symptoms all which take days, sometimes weeks to clear are on my list to cross off, or at least improve.  Symptoms can flair up with hormone changes.  I also have hashimotos disease and have recently increased thyroxin to 100 micrograms per day which has taken the edge of the dyspepsia. 

I just hope I get some relief from my symptoms so that I can eat and enjoy good food .. not just steamed potato, beans, choko and swede .. celery and lettuce.  I don't get invited to dinner, and if I do on the odd occasion I bring my own.  What a joy it would be to share a meal with friends .. or go out on a whim for dinner, or eat an apple. 

Life's simple pleasures.

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  1. Spent the morning reading many blogs (including yours :-). There are many chronic suffers out there. Helminthic (hell-min-thick) therapy seems to make difference. Hope it makes a big difference for you Lynne.