Friday, November 19, 2010

20 November 2010 (59 days)

Things have settled down as far as worm world is concerned.  Feeling quite good, the lethargy and fatigue is gone.  Rosacea is calming down after a big flare (with rosex topical gel) and abstinance (from most food).  Feet are not throbbing.. life is good. . HHT (hormone hell time) hasn't been so hellish except for major dummy spit.  Still maintaining diet and PPIs for stomach... have already bought probiotics hoping that soon I will be able to tolerate them.

Another month or so before I will be game to lob a small piece of mango, or a slice of apple ... mmmm just in time for Christmas perhaps.  Fingers crossed as always.

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  1. Our progress is remarkably similar.
    Just as you think things are settling down... suddenly you are struggling again. Today I feel incredibly well and loads of energy. Bet you tomorrow is back to a struggle :-)