Tuesday, November 30, 2010

31 November 2010

I am back in the coping stage, back to 40mg of PPI's a day .. a premature experiement I am thinking when I look at my last blog.  Maintaining diet, suffering from pains in stomach even on PPI's, constantly starving but unable to eat much, rosacea most unattractive (it has been much worse), restless legs at night, throbbing feet. .. some of these are newish symptoms.

Doing hookworm therapy as a peri-menopausal 49 year old woman is challenging, particularly when hormones are playing havoc with the immune system, throw in 20 hookworms in to the mix and abracadabra! .. nothing obvious to report as yet  .. perhaps a small change here and there .. a good day last week .. but generally still struggling to feel good.

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