Friday, November 26, 2010

26 November 2010

I get nervous saying I feel good .. but I do!  Earlier this week was a different story .. almost forgotten now what the problem was .. general digestive upsets and lower abdominal pain, restless legs and sore feet, toothache ...  All seem fine now ..  I haven't had a PPI today .. yet... , my stomach seems quite settled.  Shall wait until I lie down before getting too excited. 

I can't say I am running around like a kid, but I did move about 10 huge bags of ceiling batts, cleaned the bathroom and stove ... and went shopping ..  so energy levels good.

The worms seemed to have been quite creative in the last month or so making themselves known around the traps.  This is probably a good sign.  Now, some days are good, some days not so good. .. I think there might be some improvement generally, but not enough yet to expand the diet.  If my stomach settles down on the food I am now eating then that would be fantastic.  Then slow steps forward from there.  Time will tell.


  1. do you know your vitamin D level? Check it - it should be at least 50ng/ml

  2. Vit D was very good in July .. around 80. Cannot tolerate supplements yet so rely on the sun.

  3. Much the same as Lynne. The journey with Hookworms is a real roller coaster. No sooner do I mention ... Had a great day.. loads of energy, you can guarantee the next few days will be an extreme struggle. Tied beyond belief. But things do seem to be progressing. Starting to see more good days.


    I highly recommend adding this magnesium as a supplement

  5. I have epsom salt (magnesium sulphate) foot baths (waiting for a big bath!) as I cannot tolerate supplements as yet.