Thursday, December 16, 2010

17 December 2010

The iron suppliments seem to be working, the restless leg is gone although my legs are aching a bit and feet throbbing  a little.  My energy has also been better, two days ago I was feeling amazingly well .. a great sense of wellbeing!  So well infact, that I ate well outside my dietary limitations.  Some gelato (only vanilla), some carob coated honeycomb, then the next day I felt really cocky and had some almonds and cashews.  Day 3 .. No good!  I was wiped out and had to lie down for a few hours, couldn't move or keep my eyes open .. it was like shooting up (I imagine), an overdose.  The rest of the day spent in a daze.  Today I am not so good but a little better .. abstinence is the only solution unless I want to spend days in recovery mode, my energy levels low, digestive system working overtime with dyspepsia, stomach and bowel pain.

The three month mark is just before Christmas day .. although I am not expecting a miraculous turn around at that marker .. I think I will be very conservative at Christmas, definitely no pudd, I will stick to what I know works for me as much as possible ... I have learnt my lesson (I keep forgetting it).

My immunologist noted the evidence of hookworm activity in my  body.  "Your immune system knows they are there" she said ... also said if my iron levels don't improve I will need to abort my experiment...

so still waiting for hard evidence of improvements ..

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