Sunday, December 26, 2010

Post Christmas hangover

I managed to eat a range of foods over Christmas including my father's famous cheesecake and baked custard with icecream.  Way outside the zone! (first time I have tasted it).

Today I am feeling the effects. .. was still feeling a bit brave and had some banana on my plain rice bubbles this morning...   not a good idea but it tasted so good!

Feel some discomfort in upper central abdomen, some nausea and fatigue but not as severe as in the past . .. I think I need a few days of strict diet to bring symptoms back under control.  Head is foggy and eyes want to close.  Rosacea rash seems constant even though I have beetroot dip, dairy, ham, homemade biscuits etc etc. I am curious to see what affect, if any, the hookworm therapy has on this horrible facial rash.

I have reduced PPI medication to two 10 mg tablets a day instead of the two 20mg a day to see how I manage this.  

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