Friday, December 17, 2010

Restless leg and low iron

When I reached 10 weeks of innoculation I developed restless leg syndrome which I thought was related to low magnesium .. after foot baths with epson salts and no noticeable improvement .. blood results revealed low iron levels due to hookworm activity.  I am now taking 105mg of elemental iron a day, sometimes double this depending on where I am in my cycle.  The restless leg has subsided, but my legs are still aching and feet throbbing.

I read gutbuddies blog on restless leg and it seems that for John? the worms improved his restless leg syndrome. .. . various reasons for restless leg.

I really don't want to start again with the hookworm therapy especially as I am nearly at the three month mark and from this point I am hoping to see some benefits.  If I do need to start again I will do so at a lower dose (10) after bolstering iron reserves more aggressively... so I am really hoping that the supplements do the trick. 

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