Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Depression and disappointment!

I tried some yogurt .. amines .. too strong for me .. couldn't sleep so took bicarb soda capsules which, for some reason work. (Sue Dengate's remedy for food intolerance symptoms).  I also had a banana with the yoghurt and another delicious peach .. I have no self control .. these things followed by about 12 cashews and it was enough to bring on the fatigue, nausea and uncomfortable sensations in the upper middle adbdomen that afternoon and the next day.  Seriously back on my diet as another few cashews or yoghurt would have made me physically sick I am sure.

My mood and sense of wellbeing and contentment with my lot in life is also thrown off balance.. my strict diet does improve my mood .. there is literature to support the link between food and mood .. if I was eating McDonalds and fatty rich foods .. I could understand it better .. but I am not!

Today back to the puffed rice which goes soggy when you add soy milk and the psyllium.  Will follow this up with a pear ..  ho hum. .. having had the taste of variety this is depressing.

Iron tablets aren't helping the bowel and the salicylates and amines add to the constipation .. yes the diet is looking pretty good!  I will feel better all round in a few days, and it will be interesting to see if my feet stop throbbing.  When I am back in balance Vitamin D3 might get a look in.  It has been suggested that I take this .. it is summer here in Australia .. I spent the last two weeks on the coast exposing myself to the sun .. this should really be plenty... 20 minutes a day outside with limbs exposed provides enough Vit D.

Breath deeply and wait .. my doctor said I am her least likely patient to have gout .. possibly related to worm activity, plus my dietary experiementation (the oysters and soy nuts - purine rich food associated with gout), hormonal and hereditary factors... it is almost gone now.  Waiting on blood tests to see what is happening with iron levels, hashimotos, ANA test (autoimmune disorders), urine test for same.

Garin tells me that it is early yet for improvements and that six months is a better indicator .. it is coming up to 4 months.

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  1. Hang in there! I'm also struggling at the 5 months mark.