Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Whooping Cough!

I thought I was going to avoid this .. my partner and I went to the same function .. he got it I didn't .. but now nearly 4 weeks later I am showing the first signs of this bacterial infection.  Unfortunately my partner was not diagnosed until the third doctor and the later stages of the cough.  I am trying not to panic as I know this doesn't help the spasms and not being able to breath.  Early stage for me at the moment with woozy feeling, tight chest and slight cough.  Unfortunately taking antibiotics E-Mycin which reduces the period of time you are infectious but not necessarily the symptoms... so I have read.  I can't take garlic, or honey or any herbs to help me through this so it is just me, antibiotics and pariet. 

Garin ( tells me the worms will be okay but it might be a case of two steps backward for a few weeks while the antibiotics and their aftermath pass.

On a positive note I have got gold stars from both my doctor and Garin on my latest blood results.  Iron levels are up hashimotos antibodies down.  I doubled my dose of thyroxin last August.  Started hookworms in September so which did what in these latests blood results is anyone's guess so I have a question .. does thyroxin reduce thyroid antibodies or is it the hookworm?

My ThyroidAAb (antibodies) test 18/1/11           24/8/10
Thyroglobulin Ab                                5                       11
Thyroid Peroxidase A                        164  H               227 H

Throid Function test  18/1/11       3/12/10         24/8/10

TSH level                      0.54              0.27             4.69 H
Free T4                           15                  17                13

Neuronal Antibodies (ANA) remains the same at 1:160 Speckled pattern.

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