Thursday, January 13, 2011

Post camping blues

I haven't blogged for a while .. waiting for significant improvements .. but it is slow and obscure.

I am sure I have had improvements.  I can manage more foods than before, although need to be careful. I have tried some things like banana and wheat bread, tomato, soy nuts, oysters but all on the same day so the next day's stomach upset and bowel problems are related to??  Fatigue has reduced significantly but this could be attributed to an increase in thyroxin 4 months ago.  I feel quite good. 

I am able to walk further with better energy.  I seem to be able to tolerate more foods.  I still suffer from dyspepsia .. nausea, etc and take 40 mg of PPIs daily to keep a lid on this.  I don't get as severe reactions as before.  Hoping that further improvements will follow.  The last weeks I have been camping and trying a few things .. due to stomach and bowel discomfort I am eating the usual diet again .. and perhaps try a banana in a few days when things have settled again.  The trick is to not eat anything else to be able to get a clear idea of reactions, or not.

A few cashews on plain rice cereal seem ok, but not today.

Some other observations - I haven't had the usual mouth sore with the food experimentation, or other skin infections that seem to come and go with problem foods and hormones.

Bowels are better, just need to watch problem foods which create bowel pain and constipation, or the opposite.

Energy levels are much better.

Rosacea - don't seem to get as intense flushing .. although camping for a week meant no hot showers.  Shall wait and see with this one.  I have an appointment with a dermatologist in 3 weeks to see what they offer.  In the meantime I am trying some skin products. 

Still waiting before I sing hallelujah!

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