Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wormy Update

I have felt good the last few days.  Energy quite good, rosacea rash not too bad .. dyspepsia almost non existant so I stopped the pariet.  This coincided with starting antibiotics so I started wondering about what bugs might contribute to my symptoms??  Anyway probably coincidental .. not feeling so good today.  Nausea and indigestion .. had to take a pariet (damn!) .. a bit fatigued.  I have been able to eat a bit of rockmelon, some red blood plums and a couple of apples during my 3 day reprieve from symptoms .. very very very good .. it was a particularly good rockmelon, sweet and juicy .. the plums off my own tree .. yum and also a bit of carrot.

I will be pleased to finish antibiotics on Saturday after a 10 day program .. wonder how worms are fairing ..  managed to avoid the 2nd stage of whooping cough (which is the so named cough).  Very relieved to have survived that one as my partner is still having trouble breathing when he gets in to a coughing fit. 

I started swimming laps again after a very long break .. I couldn't tolerate the chlorine .. new methods mean no nasty smells .. energy was ok.  Today no swim .. back to the usual... but at least I am not flattened.

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