Thursday, March 3, 2011

Up and down in worm world

I am very pleased not to be taking PPI's for chronic dyspepsia at the moment.  My stomach is still a bit queazy with a lot of burping .. after eating some meals (at least burping releases the sense of fullness) .. I am struggling a bit at the moment .. but generally feeling more positive about eating a broader range of foods.  Think i will stay away from fermented foods like yoghurt for the time being to see if this is a problem.  Today my head is funny, I feel flat with not much energy, mild dyspespia .. but had periods during the day that I was ok.  The symptoms come on after eating.  I have had better days.

I really would like to feel better all the time!

Rosacea is ok .. a bit of tinted sunscreen on the offending areas (cheeks and nose) helps to even out the skins tone.  Lumps and bumps minimal, but there!  I am trying Azclear by Ego which is a new cream containing azelaic acid .. it cannot be worn under moisturiser of concealer as the cream lifts off when anything else is applied.  For this reason I am only using it once a day, at night.

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