Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Day 14

Sometimes it is difficult to tell if the symptoms I have are related to food intolerance, lupus, hormones or hashimotos.  I used to be able to control my symptoms with diet alone (and thyroxin).  There is a link between food intolerance and autoimmune disease and my doctor tells me that it is now recognised that there is a link between lupus and food intolerance. 

The worst symptom I have is the dyspepsia or (GERD).  It has become worse over the last year or so that I now take medication for it.  If I have a weak moment and eat something nice this is when the symptoms become much worse to the point I cannot function.  Last week I had fresh white fish (allowed) but it was cooked on a BBQ plate which may have been the culprit .. or perhaps the fish wasn't fresh enough and the amines had built up in it.  I suffered for two days with fatigue, weakness, nausea and very uncomfortable dyspepsia. 

A couple of new symptoms have manifested over the past couple of days.  Even though I feel a bit sick and have lower abdominal pain these are symptoms that are most welcome!  I am sure the little soldiers are gaining a foothold so to speak.  Lets hope they are persistent in their quest.

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