Friday, October 15, 2010

Day 22 Fatigue

The time is measured in terms of milestones in hookworm world.  Day 22 represents the third day of fatigue.  Noding off in lectures, nearly falling off my chair .. not a good look.   A desire to lie down and close my eyes is very stong when I really need to be reading for upcoming deadlines.  When is the best time to start worm therapy?  ...  Today the fatigue was overwhelming particularly after lunch ... I spent half the day in bed today dozing and sleeping.  I did take 6 months of long service leave this year with the intention of getting my health sorted .. taking the plunge with worm therapy was late in this period .. back to work in 2 weeks .. interesting times ...

Itchy eyes ..  another symptom ..  and incredible irritability ... shorter fuse than usual .. I am almost scaring myself... fortunately .. both these experiences seem to have settled down now.

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