Monday, October 18, 2010

Day 26 in Worm World

Mmmm bad night last night.  Dyspepsia has been more pronounced in last couple of days .. last night I took a second dose of a PPI (to reduce acid build up in stomach) something I haven't needed to do for some time.  I also took 3 bicarb soda capsules to calm things down abit.  I couldn't sleep for hours and consequently very tired today.  System seemed on overdrive .. this does happen in the second cycle of the month (after day 14) for one night for some reason .. but this was a particularly horrid experience .. the hookworms must be stirring things up.  It seems they intensify symptoms.

My face is also more reactive than usual ..  with lumpy sore red cheeks despite the use of low dose cortizone cream.  Oh joy.

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  1. Good luck! In my case symptoms started disappearing between 14th and 16th week.